Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Games - Dead Ahead ( Free ) ( ios android )

Dead Ahead a fantastic game to a bored out title of endless. There might have been to much endless games as this title seem to be so dull. But Dead Ahead seams to be a good quality product that brings you back to this never ending zombie killing wheel. The game should be avaliable on both ios and android but the android version seems to still be underdevelopment.

Artstyle - O O O O O
Business Model - O O O
Gameplay - O O O O
Controls - O O O O
Story - O O O O
Sound - O O O O O

Total - 8/10

Artstyle - An amazing intro and some like cute design of the zombies and vehicles definitely gives this game 5/5.

Business Model - Probably the weakest point of the game. Tho the game is free and that is really great, but you wont be able to earn much coins in game to buy better guns and vehicles. The first couple guns and vehicles seem buyable, but after that the prices just explode. And forget about those powerups cause those will eat your coins. And the worst thing is that if you want to level up and unlock new levels and missions some of those missions are impossible to complete without those expensive guns. Of course if you are willing to leave some money, then it might not be so bad.

GamePlay - The gameplay is what you would expect from an endless game, the artstyle definitely makes it more interesting but the level design gets repetitive over time. 

Controls - Controls are nothing special and not bad, you get two choices to steer the vehicles either sliding the finger up or down or touching the screen in the upper or bottom screen.

Story - Apart from the cool intro that gives you some idea on what is happening, there is nothing more to the story. But you can't expect more from an endless game. Tho there are some comics about the games story in creators facebook page. 

Sound - Sound is another great thing that this game has to offer, the guns and vehicles sound great and the music in the background as well. And the zombies, well they sound like zombies. 

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